Fast Trak, innovative suspension-system elected Product of BTP by Professionals

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Fast Trak, innovative suspension-system elected Product of BTP by Professionals

Fast Trak, innovative suspension-system elected Product of BTP by Professionals

Gripple Fast Trak is a quick and innovative suspension-system, ideal for the installation of electrical containment, pipework, ductwork and other MEP Services in restricted places which has been awarded “Elected Product of BTP by Professionals”. 2018 title winners were honored at the Grand Hotel Intercontinel Opera in Paris, on Thursday 1st of February. Denis Anthoni, CEO of Gripple Europe, received this quality award, accompanied by Aurélie and Carine, both Sales Managers. Gripple has been recognized for the third successive time for its innovative solutions.


The Election of BTP Products by Professionals is organized by SAGERET in cooperation with SMABTP and the Bâtiment Artisanal since 2012. Every year, in January, innovative building and civil construction services are awarded. The decision is based on an online consultation and evaluation of materials from 250 000 companies and 30 000 prescribers (architects, contractors, technical department, economists, interior architects…) in different sectors.

The Gripple business is driven by a strong desire to innovate and offer even faster and easier installation of many mechanical and electrical services. The infrastructure, building and construction industries face numerous challenges. The business’s latest innovation, Fast Trak is a pre-fabricated, trapeze bracket solution offering speed, flexibility and efficient use of space, for the installation of electrical containment, pipework, ductwork and other MEP Services. Fast Trak Complements Gripple’s existing range of time-saving products and ensures the business offers a comprehensive solution to cover the technical needs of construction sites.

The key benefits of this system are the speed of installation (up to six times faster to install than traditional methods), ease of assembly (no need to cut threaded rod or channel on site), ease of measurement (indicators at each end of the bracket), ease-of-use (integral one-handed ergonomic grip system can be 'stacked' on-site to reduce storage) and last but not least, the reduction in waste (thanks to tracks bending neatly under bracket once in the correct position, and significantly reduced cardboard coverage in the product packaging).

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Comparative evaluation FAST TRAK V/S TRADITIONAL METHOD:


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Gripple began life in 1989 as one man’s idea to simplify the knotting and tying of wire fencing for agricultural and vineyard markets. In 1998, Gripple really take off and entered the world of construction with a series of load-rated kits spawned from its rope-grip device, designed exclusively for hanging mechanical and electrical services, and took the market by storm. Since that day is Gripple the market leader of wire joiners and tensioners for the agriculture and viticulture market and wire rope suspension solutions for the construction market. The Company expanded its activities to building services, seismic and force protection and civil construction in Europe and abroad. Located in Sheffield (England), the Gripple Group employs more than 600 people worldwide, sold more than 600 million products and achieved a turnover of € 80 million.  The European head office is based in Obernai, in France and employs 135 people.

Posted 12/02/2018.

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